Design, Generate & Launch NFTs... For free!

Launching an NFT collection has never been easier. Simply upload your artwork, set your rarity and Launch. With a customizable minting page to sell your collection to your fans... All for FREE!

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Customize artwork

Customize Your Artwork

YU-Launch makes is simple to experiment with your artwork. Mix and match everything to make awesome combinations and test that it all matches up correctly.

Set rarity

Set Your Rarity

Customize the rarity percentages of all your attributes. Adjust rarity settings by total number or total percentage.

Generate random

Randomly Generate

Once your rarity settings have been solidified, it’s time to generate your collection and metadata. YU-Launch supports up to 100,000 NFTs in any collection.

Preview your collection


Preview your NFT collection as it was generated. Filter any attribute to view combinations. Don’t like something? Simply ReGenerate.

Launch without Smart Contract Developers


No Smart Contact developers needed! YU-Launch allows you to use a secure and audited Smart Contract to deploy your collection.

Customize Your Mint Page

Custom mint page

Customize your very own mint page. Give the flair needed to attract your fans to keep minting till the very end!

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